Ready to Sell More of Your Programs, Courses & Services?

Copy & Paste The 6-Figure Day Sales System into Your Business This Weekend

Start using live/virtual events to enroll $100K+ worth of clients in a single day... then take the rest of the month off


Not sure if this is a deal breaker for ya?

But I won’t be CLOGGING up your calendar with a bunch of “coaching calls” or giving you a LIBRARY OF VIDEOS to watch...

Money has a need for speed so I’d rather us just knock this out over a weekend that way you leave with a TO-DONE LIST instead of just another list of To-do’s 


Here’s the breakdown!

Over a 2-day weekend a small group of us will put in place all the pieces necessary for you to sell out your high-ticket offer in a single day

(The ultimate goal is to sell $100K or more; but selling even $50k in a day never hurt anyone’s feelings)

You’ll do this by hosting your very own live event. It can be a virtual event via Zoom or an in- person event

This event does NOT need to be fancy and you don’t need to have 100s of people there to make it rain like a hurricane...

As a matter-of-fact last client, that did this had less than 30 people attending the event but that didn’t stop him from doing over $75,000 in sales in a single day

Best part is since I’ve already got a scientifically backed sales presentation framework you can literally take the framework then just swap your offer in place instead

(figured I’d just hand you the exact same presentation formula that is responsible for generating my $315,000/day that way you could get results sooner rather than later)

Now if you want to jump on sales calls with folks that’s great but...

I specifically designed this live event sales framework to get attendees to buy WITHOUT needing a sales call

That way once your event ends you can sit back, watch the stripe payments roll in then start onboarding your new clients immediately! 


There are!

Worried about filling the event? I’ve got you covered there too!

We’ve had great success having attendees pay an average of $197/ticket... just to be at events 

(Which means even with a TINY event of only 25 people you’d be able to stuff your pockets with $5,000 or more in ticket sales BEFORE you ever make your offer )

The secret is something I call a ‘Sneak Peek Trailer

Just like the premier of any good movie ...

Nothing gets people more excited to attend your live event than a ‘Sneak Peek Trailer

I’ll show you how to host pop up “sneak peek” Zooms where prospects can get a taste of what your live event is gonna be like and at the end of the sneak peek they’ll have the opportunity to buy their ticket 🎟

These Sneak Peek Trailers are a blast, and make you look like an absolute rockstar!

(best get paid BEFORE your event ever even starts when you use these)

You might like high-pressure sales tactics; but if not, this next bonus might really excite ya

Because as an additional bonus I’m also going to be teaching you my 8 highest converting, no pressure sales pitches to use at the end of your event to get the most sales! 

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