For Coaches, Course Creators, & Marketing Agencies Doing Over $10,000/mo ONLY...

Copy & Paste My 6-Figure Day Sales System™ into Your Business... And Pay Me AFTER You've Profited!

Not sure if your newsfeed looks like mine?

Seems like there’s no shortage of “gurus” (I call ‘em gremlins)

DEMANDING you pay them a small fortune…

...crazy part is they NEVER guarantee you results

Not sure why

Do they not believe their stuff actually works?

Or do they not believe in you

Way I see it, when you hire an expert you should be certain you’re going to see a significant return on your investment

But since the poo-roos don’t seem willing… I’ve decide to be the changed I’d like to see

Since 2011 I’ve helped businesses in 20 niches GET MORE BUSINESS

Leaving me with a toolbox full of proven templates, strategies, and principles

Tools that can quickly be cut, pasted, and applied to your business to create more leads, sales & freedom

Best part… instead of charging an arm, a leg and your firstborn child

I decided to partner up and loan businesses doing over $10,000/month in revenue my 6-Figure Day Sales System and let them pay me out of the profits

Pretty exciting right?

Could be the exact thing you need to take your business to another level

I know you'd need more specifics but if this sounds good so far go ahead and fill out the form below!

Okay, Elijah:

Read the post above.
I am a coach, course creator or agency owner
I've got a $2,000+ offer
My business is consistently generating $10,000/month or more
And i'm prepared to show proof the above is true if asked.

Here's What Students Are Saying

Lauren Messiah

"I've had very successful businesses but I've never made THAT MUCH in a day..."

Eddie Zhang

"We did $143,000 in a day!"

"...since then (working with Elijah) we're now pacing at $150,000/month"

I took pages of notes!

Your down-to-earth style was so engaging that I didn’t want the time to be over! 

I believe that my life and the lives of others can be changed by joining the 6-Figure Day Club! 

Thank you for being you!

Staci Smith

I had the pleasure of joining Elijah Bowie for The 6-Figure Day training and I was blown away.

He teaches you how to work smarter, not harder... 

This training proves that the right process can get anyone toward their business goals quickly and efficiently.

Ireyna Parker

This was 100% geared towards helping business people getting the exact results they desire in their lives. 

Elijah focuses on delivering massive value, almost everyone else is focused on what they get from their clients, rather than what their clients from them. 

Marco Robert

Elijah Bowie is the real deal and a master of what he does.

If you are still on the fence…Get off... because in this training he spills the beans of the secrets of a 6-figure day, who else is teaching this… nobody else!

Miguel Williams

This was by far the best hours that I've spent in terms of understanding the principles behind building a business. 

The perfect intersection of mindset and practical action with much needed truth being spoken. 

Elijah is a standout in this industry and tells it like it is. Somethings you might not WANT to hear...but you better listen.

Brennan Thompson

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