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Sales Calls Have Scared & Frustrated Coaches, Consultants, & Agency Owners For Years and Robbed Many Of The Opportunity to Scale! But Why Exactly...


They don't have a simple process that solves a prospects indecision BEFORE they ever get on the phone


They're either shooting from the hip or following a sales script during the call instead of having a psychology based framework that triggers buying for any qualified individual (therapists use this with their patients often)


When objections arise during the sales call they don't have a flow to be able to confidently lead a prospect through them without being pushy or rude. 

Are You Aware... It's Been PROVEN That The Problem Is What Happens or DOESN'T happen BEFORE The Call?

Are you ever disappointed when you spend an hour on the phone with a prospect and they tell you I need to think about it?

Do you find yourself lowering your prices and promising more and more in hopes they’ll hire you?

Or charging another sales course to your credit card...

Only to get more:

“I need to check with my husband”

“I don’t make rash decisions” or

“Where can I get a list of references?”

Well the real problem isn’t a sales call or your skill as a salesperson.

Are you aware that it’s been proven in case after case that the problem is what happens or DOESN’T happen BEFORE your call

Far more important for closing the sale than what you say on the call.

When prospects indecision is solved before you speak to them you can stop hearing I want to think about and start hearing “YEAH!” up to as much as 80% of the time

We see a lot of 60-min strategy sessions drop to 15-min or less even...

This really appeals to people who would rather spend more time working and serving their clients than selling them.

With 'Full Access' To My Overnight Sales Academy, You Get...

Module 1: The ONLY REASON You Lose Sales

Ever heard the saying "what got you here won't get you to where you need to go"?

In this module Coach Bowie will reveal the only reason you even lose sales. Most good folks bang their head against the wall and try many different remedies to try and close more sales but without first discovering and then understanding why you lose sales to begin with you'll never be able to truly solve the issue.

During this module you'll discover your 'Prospects Secret Sales System' this is like having a copy of the opposing teams playbook.

Then Elijah will reveal the 'Superior Sales System' that is key to more money hitting your bank account. 

Module 2: Secrets of The 6-Minute Sales Call

Learn how to turn away lookie-lous, tire kickers, and unqualified people BEFORE they ever get on a call with a P.I.T.A Filter

The PITA Filter is like having a Brita water filter for your business and instead of filtering out dirt it filters out folks who aren’t ready to invest in your help now!

Leaving you with all the money and freedom and none of the hassle. This leads to much shorter calls which allows you to spend more time serving your clients than selling them

Module 3: Save More Sales on The Regular

Would you agree?⁣⁣

...that for every person who BUYS your stuff, there are 2 or 3 who DON’T?⁣⁣

I would, too… (most times it’s because of those pesky objections)⁣⁣ and when you're selling $1k, $4k, $8k and more things...⁣⁣

Those lost sales hurt - even if it's just one lost sale a week. ⁣⁣So the question is…⁣⁣how do we "handle those objections" in an empathetic, but powerful way which gets more folks to be a yes?⁣⁣

If you’re too hard you’ll piss folks off.⁣⁣ Too soft and you don't miss the sale altogether.⁣⁣ Get it just right though...⁣⁣

And suddenly you’re in the money!⁣⁣ Personally…⁣⁣I’ve saved HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS over the years but some of the folks I’ve shared my templates with have saved even more…⁣⁣

In this module you'll get the exact sales call template we're using to save $1k to $8k sales on the regular.

Module 4: From COLD 🥶 to BLAZING HOT 🥵

Need more sales calls?

Reaching out to someone can be a scary, nerve wracking, and even embarrassing thing...

Especially if you do it the way that really pisses people off. Yet somehow plenty of businesses do MILLIONS of dollars a year doing just that.

In this module Coach Bowie shares the right way to go about it and shares how one of his clients used this to land a $50k deal with the government.

Module 5: Get More Applications Than You Can Handle

In this module Elijah reveals his 'Money in The Bank' content framework to get a wave of prospects to express their interest in getting your help so you can use your newly found sales skills.

As a bonus he'll be sharing the simple funnel you can attach to this for running paid ads.

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