A New Way To Make Your Next Event Profitable?

We make sure the cash register rings at your next live event. 

For our partners, we do all of the heavy lifting and grunt work to make sure that at your next event you aren't left holding the bag and instead are walking away with smiling faces and a pocket full of money. 

For the right partner we'll even do 100% of the fulfillment while you sleep, so you can wake up to the sweet sound of sales notifications ringing your bank account.

Best part, we only get paid IF we're successful.


We offer two profit generating solutions for events. A done-with-you solution and a done-for-you solution to meet your events needs.


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What people say about us

I've had very successful [events] but I've never made THAT MUCH in a day...

Lauren Messiah

Author & Style Consultant

We did $143,000 at our event!

Eddie Zhang

Fitness Business Coach

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We’d love to invest our time, money, and efforts into most of the cool companies and channels we come across…  However, we are the best fit for an event made up of:

At least 100+ attendees or 50+ happy past/current customers
Has a great reputation and track record of 2+ years
Don't mind sitting back and collecting multi 5 & 6-figure paychecks



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