Can I Do All The Heavy Lifting Of Selling Your High-Ticket Offer?

I have closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in re-pitch sales for my clients. Had I not been hired that would have been value not added to a customer in need and money left on the table!

This how you can hire me to speak and sell your offer to your audience. 

Pre-Pitch: I will pre-frame your offer, price, financing or all 3 on a high-ticket offer for a percentage of the sales.
Re-Pitch: I teach a lesson after you make your offer to close more sales for a percentage of the re-pitch sales.

Elijah is a master at teaching lessons that get people to take action and when he does it for clients offers they always make more sales and often times they even have their first 6-figure day!

If there was an entrepreneurship fantasy draft I wouldn't hesitate to draft Elijah 1st overall

Eddie Zhang

Business Coach for Online Personal Trainers

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